Creating quick quotes and updates

One of the features that we are proud of with Fraction ERP is the ability to create quick quotes, update them and manage the sales order book / enquiry book quickly.

Creating a quote is really simple. Click on the NEW CONTRACT button and enter in the header information for the quote.

Once your header information is complete you can then add in the various line items that you want to add to the quote.

When you have added in all of your line items, click on the QUOTATIONS button and then CREATE QUOTE. This creates a snapshot of your quote, which you can then print / email to your customer.

If you need to make some changes, or want to offer a different price / quantity discount, you can quickly edit the quote accordingly.

Once the changes are made, you can create another quote. The full history of the quote (including the changes you make) are kept in the system should you need to revert back / refer to the information. 

Managing your quote status done through a simple drop down option and the entire quotation book can be managed through one simple screen. It includes quick filters and a powerful search function.

Once you have won your order you can then schedule the production activities using our fast visual scheduling tool.

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