Who designed your ERP system?

It is a good question and one that we often hear. Depending on the background, experience and focus of the developers, you can experience completely different ERP systems when comparing different offerings.

Fraction ERP wasn’t designed by some ‘techies’ in a dark room somewhere; our system was developed by engineers with backgrounds in leading manufacturing operations and streamlining ERP systems.

By the way, we love 'techies', don't get us wrong; without them we couldn't have built Fraction ERP!

The challenge we found

Both Giles and Patrick are from the manufacturing sector. Both are chartered engineers and both have extensive backgrounds in setting up and running manufacturing businesses.

Before Fraction, when we used to discuss the problems we were facing, ERP was one of the topics. Many of the systems that we were using, or coming across, were:

  • Too complicated.
  • Too admin heavy.
  • Poor at helping us become more productive.
  • Tying us down rather than releasing us, as managers.
  • Too expensive.

We thought there had to be a better way.

Why we developed Fraction ERP

As we didn't want the things above, we thought it would be a good idea to create an alternative. Something simpler, something easier, something that required the minimal level of input and something that was more cost effective.

The idea for Fraction ERP was born; a simple cloud based ERP system that you can use directly from your web browser.

No costly installations, no notable downtime for upgrades, no lengthy learning curve. Something that you can take an hour or two to get your head around and then start using.

The first version is still in use today, with tens of thousands of parts and line items running through it without any slow down to the system.

So, we developed the original concept further and Fraction ERP arrived.

The focus of Fraction ERP

The focus for Fraction ERP is to be a Lean alternative to some of the more complicated and more admin intensive ERP alternatives that are around at the moment. We realise that there is plenty of competition out there, but we haven't seen something that offers the same simplicity as we do (without sacrificing the functionality and power).

If you want to experience a stripped down ERP system, that lets you get on with the job of manufacturing products and servicing your customers, then check out our free demo today.

We're sure that 'techies' can do this too. We're not originally techies, we're manufacturing people who needed a better tool. We hope that you will think the same once you see Fraction ERP for yourselves.

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