Putting our money where our mouth is!

We think that a true sign that we believe in our cloud ERP system is that we use it in our own manufacturing business.

Oiltech Bearings is owned by Patrick Chester which is also a superb test bed for the improvements we make to our system.

We asked Patrick what that the top three benefits were to Oiltech, from using Fraction ERP.

Drum roll please...

  1. Faster enquiry turn around times.
  2. Reducing the order processing lead time, moving into purchasing and production more quickly.
  3. Controlling the sales price, when materials and labour rates change.

Even better than this, Patrick had to log in to check on something in his factory when he was away on business in Thailand (Oiltech is based in the UK). That's the beauty of cloud ERP, you can check it anywhere, anytime (although we do recommend that you keep your ERP addiction under control!). Laughing, as we asked Patrick about this, he also checked something in the factory, via Fraction, from the beach!

The image below is from Oiltech, when Patrick was reviewing the works order tracking via an iPad:

cloud ERP from an iPad

So, we hope that you see that we aren't just blowing hot air here. We believe in the product so much that we run our manufacturing business with it.

If you want to learn more about Fraction ERP, then check out our features pages or sign up for a free demo using the form below. If you like what you see in the demo, then you can access our free two week live trial (where you can use your own Fraction account with your own data).

In the meantime, we'll carry on developing and improvement Fraction ERP whilst running Oiltech.

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