New weekly scheduling board

The CORE version of Fraction comes with a weekly scheduling function.

The previous version worked well, but the new version is really something!

To schedule your production you can simply click on the corresponding tile against the operation to schedule the works.

Once you are done, you can simply click on the 'UPDATE PLAN' button and you're done!

We've also built in an 'AUTO PLAN / RE-PLAN' function that will schedule your work for the first available weekly slots.

Plus, we've included some basic logic so that you can't schedule subsequent operations earlier than when the previous ones are planned to finish.

The scheduling grid also includes simple visual management for reviewing capacity on each weekly tile. Green means that capacity is available, amber indicates you are nearing the limit and red means that the week in question is over committed.

Balancing your order book is a simple affair too. From the capacity screen you can now jump straight to the list of operations scheduled for that week and re-plan directly, or adjust the capacity levels (if you decide to put overtime on or move labour).

We're really happy with the new scheduling system and we hope that you'll like it too.

If you want to see it in action, and the rest of the Fraction ERP system, then sign up for your free demo using the form below.

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