Fraction ERP started its journey in 2015.

The three founders took different paths to get where they are today: on a quest for a better ERP solution.

Patrick is a Chartered Engineer that is used to running his own manufacturing businesses. Frustrated with ERP products that were expensive, difficult to use and just badly constructed, he started looking at building custom made tools to support multinational manufacturing sites.

Patrick met Junzi and together they developed a simple production management system. Within 8 months, the new system helped to increase output by 10%. On time delivery went from 50% to 90% and overdue orders fell by 95%. It is still in use today!

Junzi is an Aerospace Scientist and the chief system architect behind Fraction ERP. He holds a PhD degree in aerospace and has been working with complex systems for many years. What he enjoys most is to make complex things simple to use. That certainly applies to the functionalities of Fraction’s ERP system!

Finally, Giles joined the team. A Chartered Engineer, he has spent a large part of his life untangling ERP and MRP problems for many different companies. He has taken his experience of fixing ERP systems and running manufacturing operations to help shape Fraction ERP. By making simple changes to ERP setups and configurations, linked with effective management routines, he has helped previous employers to increase turnover, profit and on time delivery performance without increasing headcount. He has seen it all when it comes to ERP problems!

The team came together to focus on developing the initial production management tool into an effective, cloud hosted ERP system for manufacturing companies. Our aim is to create intuitive and effective software that creates a strong return on investment for our clients.

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