Works Order Management Software

Works Order management tools for small to medium size manufacturers


Transform your production environment with integrated, real time software.

Works Order Management

Works orders drive production - both operations and inventory demand (MRP). Simple tracking and traffic light tools identify issues immediately. Re-scheduling an order and updating the operations can be done in real time. The works order demand (MRP) will ensure all materials are ordered or allocated from stock.

Fast Scheduling Tools
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Work-to-Lists for Operations

Operations can be assigned to work centres or to employees, or both! This dual constraint production planning system is a key feature of Fraction ERP for manufacturing companies.

Work schedules can be updated in real time and employees can use the work to lists to update order progress throughout the day.

Take the guesswork out of your bottlenecks and instead drive up your utilisation and on time delivery performance.

Part Demand

The part demand page (MRP) is a list of all stock required by production, including service and subcontract items. Simple traffic light tools highlight any shortages instantly and puts you in control.

This page ensures that all materials are managed, ordered and ready for production when needed. It’s a key tool for any business.

Part Demand
Free Shop Floor Data Capture

Free Shop Floor Data Capture

Fraction ERP includes free shop –floor-data-capture (SFDC) user licenses to enable your entire workforce to track production operations. This can be done either as a simple “complete” operation or using the SFDC system to capture process times.


Production statistics gives you the ability to monitor variance in works orders based on the planned time against the actual time taken. Actual time is collected by the shop-floor-data-capture system. This is a key part of the feedback needed in continuous improvement and the development of efficient and lean manufacturing operations.


Meet the Team

Patrick Chester

The Architect

Designs workflow, functionality, and development plans. Runs Fraction at his own manufacturing company.

Giles Johnston

ERP and Manufacturing Expert

Literally has seen it all and done it all, from simple deployments to multi-million pound ERP systems.

Chief of Technology

Overseas application development, server infrastructures, deployments, and other Fraction technologies.

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