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Summary of Fraction ERP

Fraction ERP is a manufacturing Enterprice Resource Planngin (ERP) software application designed to support the value stream of manufacturing companies from enquiry to invoice. It has been designed for both make to order and stock manufacturing operations and can be used in a wide range of manufacturing environments. Fraction ERP is intended to be a digital solution to business operations - meaning it is meant to be used in real time, but does support documents such as job routers/travellers to be used in production. Fraction ERP is a self-onboarding software application, so we do not intend to visit your site, install software, conduct training sessions or manage the implementation for you. Whilst we can provide additional services like these, it is not our business model and therefore onsite support and implementation is chargeable. We intend to make it easy to on-board and use Fraction ERP with minimal training and provide unlimited online and telephone support.


Here you can view a top level workflow of Fraction ERP. Download Fraction ERP Workflow

How to Use Support

In our support pages you can find workflows, how-to videos and related FAQ’s. All definitions can be found here. Online and telephone support, training and demonstrations are all free and unlimited, if you cannot find the answers in our support pages, please contact us. You can request new features and improvements, just let us know using the support request page within the fraction application (click the help icon for get support).