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Beautifully simple sales and order processing software for manufacturers.

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Sales Order Management

The powerful contract management tool in Fraction ERP allows you to manage your quotations and order book efficiently with simple workflows and our easy to use interface.

Managing open quotations, handling customer service and tracking opportunities is all built in.

The sales module is designed for quick response to enquiries, tracking open opportunities and processing orders quickly ensuring a flexible and responsive sales department.

Sales Order Management


Move faster by creating new enquiries and start a new job costing with bill of material templates.

Quote revision history and direct email from Fraction ERP will ensure full traceability and responsive customer service.

Track your quote pipeline for follow ups and monitor lost opportunities.

Order Processing

Don’t waste a minute with our instant conversion of quotations into sales orders and works orders. Material demand is instantly available after processing a sales order and the part demand (MRP) page allows quick allocation of available stock or raising new purchase orders.

Sales contracts have direct email of order acknowledgements and allow you to track stock, shipments and invoices.

Order Processing


The Fraction ERP dashboard tracks open quotations, current order book, invoices sales and keeps your finger on the pulse of the business.

Adapting to changes in demand is critical to ensure business performance and success.

Export to Excel Reports

Responsive search by customer, part, or description makes getting data from contracts and quotations fast and tailored for your needs. Applying simple date ranges and filters allows you to run a report on any aspect of sales.

Export to Excel Reports

Meet the Team

Patrick Chester

The Architect

Designs workflow, functionality, and development plans. Runs Fraction at his own manufacturing company.

Giles Johnston

ERP and Manufacturing Expert

Literally has seen it all and done it all, from simple deployments to multi-million pound ERP systems.

Chief of Technology

Overseas application development, server infrastructures, deployments, and other Fraction technologies.

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