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See the big picture with our part demand page and spot any gaps instantly.

Purchase Order Management

Fraction ERP has a simple interface and easy to follow workflow. Raising purchase orders is easy for production requirements, stock replenishment or ad-hoc requirements.

Built in approvals mean only authorised users with individual spend limits per order are able to approve a purchase order.

Once a purchase order is approved it can be printed or emailed directly to the supplier contact with our built in email feature.

The export to excel tool allows you to run a search on purchase orders or line items and select a date range before running an export to make quick and powerful reporting really easy.

Purchase Order Management
Managing Production Demand

Managing Production Demand

For a make-to-stock or make-to-order business, works order requirements are controlled in the part demand (MRP) page. Here inventory can be allocated or where there are shortages just use the tick box to raise a new purchase order.

Our fast search feature allows you to look for demand for the same supplier, same type or part numbers to reduce admin and optimise procurement.

Inventory Management

Every part in Fraction ERP has a full history of activity, showing any contracts, purchase orders, NCRs and a stock transaction log. This shows when any parts are ordered, received, consumed by a works order, created by a works orders and shipped to your customers.

Drilling down to see activity history is very easy. This includes the ability to see all serial numbers for traceable items.

Service items such as subcontract processing can be marked as “non-stock” items so inventory is not tracked.

Inventory Management
Purchasing Dashboard

Purchasing Dashboard

Stop running out stock just when you need it!

Our stock alerts on the dashboard gives instant visibility to any items that are below your minimum stock quantity.

The late line items tile on the dashboard shows you when any deliveries are running late from your suppliers.

Meet the Team

Patrick Chester

The Architect

Designs workflow, functionality, and development plans. Runs Fraction at his own manufacturing company.

Giles Johnston

ERP and Manufacturing Expert

Literally has seen it all and done it all, from simple deployments to multi-million pound ERP systems.

Chief of Technology

Overseas application development, server infrastructures, deployments, and other Fraction technologies.

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