Cloud Software

On-Premise or Cloud Hosted?

Any ERP software requires a server to host the database and run the software. This is done either with a server on your premises or a cloud hosted server. The main difference is that on-premise ERP software requires you to provide the server hardware, software and licensing to support the ERP system. In a cloud hosted ERP system, the software provider usually includes all of the server hardware, backups and updates as an all inclusive service. .

Benefits of cloud vrs on premise ERP:

  • No capital investment in hardware and server licenses.
  • No capital investment in upfront software purchase.
  • Highly reliable and scalable servers.
  • Automatic backup of databases.
  • Automatic software updates.
  • No installation or configuration.
  • Manage follow up and lost opportunities.
  • Access anywhere with a web browser, supporting working from home and your sales team on the road.
  • Simple integration into other cloud applications such as Xero and Quickbooks accounting.
  • Fast paced software development based on user experience and feedback.

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