Where is your work to list?

When I have carried out studies at factories in the past, one of the notable factors contributing to high levels of non-productive time was waiting for instructions.

Any factory with a good ERP system should find that the flow of instruction and information to their teams isn't an issue.

This is certainly the approach we have taken with Fraction ERP and in this article I want to show you where our work to list 'lives' and how it works. A good work to list will show your teams exactly what work is due next and help them to organise their works for maximum productivity.

From the Fraction ERP home menu, you're looking for the OPERATIONS screen, as shown below.

Note - there are full permission controls included with Fraction ERP. Users will only be allowed to access the information that they have been given the corresponding privileges for.

On the production tracking screen, you then have the option to filter the information to see it exactly as you need to see it. The screen you are initially presented with is the 'global' work to list for your business.

The highlighted elements of the screen are:

  1. The filter bar allows you to choose a specific workcentre view or operator view. You can schedule work against individual operators and / or workcentres.
  2. If you choose to filter by a workcentre then you can just select the workcentre in question from the drop down list and this is most common view for a work to list. You can do the same for operators.
  3. If you are operating your system with operator scheduling then clicking on the 'Mine' button will allow you to see all the work scheduled for the person logged in.
  4. To start logging time against an operation and completing operations you can use the SFDC (Shop Floor Data Collection) function.
  5. Should you need to see the work queued for different weeks, then you can either use the week number function or the forward / backwards buttons at the opposite end of this toolbar.

I hope that you can see from this brief explanation that it is very easy, with just a few clicks, to see the work to list for a specific team within your business.

The video below provides a short walkthrough of this screen and the shop floor works tracking functions:

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